Andrea Hollander

About the Book

461 poems by 96 distinctive contemporary American voices—with photographs and biographical notes

From the Preface

". . . Poetry is not escapist literature. It reminds us how to live and how to cope with life’s difficulties by stirring us in the places where what we feel and know but cannot express nevertheless exists. It provides one of life’s few defenses against inevitable grief and intolerable, unfathomable disaster. Yet, as you will discover throughout this gathering of poems by contemporary American women, poetry is equally the language of celebration, of unexpected joy, and of human love as potent as it is invisible."

                   —Andrea Hollander


"This anthology belongs on a nightstand as easily as it belongs in American Poetry 230—a credit to editor Andrea Hollander Budy."

—Erica Wright, ForeWord Magazine

“Though diverse, the poets’ gender unites them, and a study of what it means to be a woman graces the pages with insight and clear focus. The poets here write about loss and birth, the changing of the seasons and the changing of a tire with an eye for new exploration. Political exigency, though present at spare moments, largely steps back to make way for more complicated, contemporary examinations of a woman’s world. ... When She Named Fire examines women’s lives with a marked consistency of skill.”

—Rachel Mennies, Coldfront Magazine

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