Andrea Hollander


Andrea Hollander’s third full-length collection (Autumn House Press, 2006) offers readers a poignant and mature collection bearing the heat of lived lives. The Depression, World War II, the poet’s family history of loss are ranged against remarkable poems about artists and writers.


"Her strongest, most integrated narrative yet and makes compelling reading. Rich in recollection and reflection ..."

—Suzanne Blair, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Andrea Hollander knows what to hold back as she lets us in. And so we willingly bring ourselves into her subtly registered emotional world. There’s a lovely blend of qualities at work here -- an unsparing eye, and a heart that humanizes what that eye sees.”

—Stephen Dunn

“Her impeccable conversational diction does what a poem should do: raises the hairs on the nape of your neck.”

—Maxine Kumin

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According to Rita Dove, this second book of poetry (Story Line Press, 2001) presents “an evocative gathering of narrative poems revolving around the theme of the road not taken” as Andrea Hollander Budy, in precise lyrics and celebratory meditations, explores the intricacies of family, the duality of a domestic and artistic life, the trying pain of illness, and the triumph of endurance.


"Direct but delicate in style, strong but never strident, The Other Life advances Andrea Hollander Budy into our foremost poetic ranks."

—Fred Chappell, The News and Observer

“These poems move into the realm of the unspeakable and speak eloquently.”

—Venetia Moon


Winner of the 1993 Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize, Andrea Hollander’s first full-length poetry collection demonstrates, according to Maxine Kumin, Hollander’s “controlled passion” and “range, which extends outward in surprising and rewarding directions. Her quest is always for the fulcrum, the fine point of change.”


"Through her artfully unadorned language, this poet has found the means to say the unsaid."

—Bill Jones, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"In one of the most moving poems in this moving book, Andrea Hollander Budy states, ‘I have been so many places / and I don’t know anything.’ But this poet does know the heart and speaks for it and from it with a simplicity and honesty rare at any time."

—Mark Jarman, National Book Award winner

“The poems go far beyond the surface . . . and, whether greeting the dawn or charting the progression of passion or funeral preparations, explore the subtle nuances of emotion. These are poems for all seasons.”

—Whitney Scott, Booklist


Winner of a 2003 Pushcart Prize for prose memoir, Andrea Hollander’s essay-length chapbook explores the concept of beauty and the way one woman’s experience led to altering self-perception and experience contributed to 

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Because this limited edition chapbook was published only for use as the Freshman Common Reader at Lyon College, it has not been reviewed. However, the essay, first published in Creative Nonfiction, has also been taught in courses at such institutions as Harvard University, The University of Rhode Island, and in the Stone Coast MFA program. It will be officially published by Welcome Table Press in 2013. Before then, you may purchase a copy directly from Andrea.

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Andrea Hollander’s fourth full-length volume (Autumn House Press, 2013) is a collection of new and selected poems that span thirty years. New work written between 2006 and 2012 opens the volume and is followed by selections from her previous three books. Almost 200 pages of poetry plus an index of titles and first lines, the book has received advanced praise and is graced by another painting by Hollander’s son, the artist Brooke Budy.


“Hollander is a writer of great presence, dazzling while unnerving the reader with her uncanny ability to depict human relationships in poems that explore life in all of its gritty agony and beauty.”

     —Sonja James, The Journal


Andrea Hollander’s fifth full-length collection (Autumn House Press, 2018) explores a mature woman’s life after divorce. The poems are unselfconscious, and they detail with grace the pleasures and difficulties of aging, as well as the evolution of personal relationships throughout a life. The book has received advanced praise. A painting by Hollander’s son, the artist Brooke Budy, is featured on the book’s cover.


“In Andrea Hollander’s Blue Mistaken for Sky we are given something more than poems. We are given human generosity, connection, and empathy. There are many gifts we get from experiencing art, from reading a great book, but one of the most important gifts and artist can give is that of vulnerability. With this new collection, Hollander is offering  such a gift. Now it is up to us to be brave enough to receive it.”

     —Matthew Dickman